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  • Hello All,

    I'm a pretty senior retired electrical engineer who still experiments with lots of electrical and mechanical things as a hobby/past time. I finally found this site after a lot of time searching on the Internet for a forum on stairlifts. This was the only forum I could find. My interest in stairlifts is due to my sister recently having one installed one by a leading UK manufacturer. I became interested in how they work and purchased a 5 year old used one (for about 7% of a new one) to see how they are built and how their electronics work. I could not find much technical information that I was interested in very obtainable ( parts lists, service manuals, parts diagrams, electrical diagrams), and I thought this forum may be able to help with some questions that I come up with as I explore it's construction and mechanical and electrical components. I'm hoping to contribute to this forum with some of the things I learn about.