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Stannah 260 expert advice needed!

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  • Stannah 260 expert advice needed!

    Hi All
    Im currently working on a Stannah 260 with pfh
    The pfh works all works ok but the stairlift doesn’t.
    If I replace the chinge pcb in the back of the seat with a chair pcb the lift,and the lift remotes all work.
    I have tried a replacement chinge pcb but I still have the same fault.
    When I press the chair remote the green led on the chinge pcb flickers but the lift doesn’t respond.
    I have checked the interlock micro switch on the hinge and that all works ok to the hinge control unit (with battery inside) and onto the hinge remote pcb.
    Im not sure if I’m programming the remotes correctly so some help with this process would be appreciated.
    If it’s not a remote programming issue could the hinge remote pcb be causing my problem?
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    (Qualified Stairlift Engineer)

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    Not sure of the situation here.

    Has the chair come from a standard rail and your trying to fit onto a pfh ?

    Programming is straightforward: Lift off, move jumper on chinge or chair board, lift on and press remotes for 10 seconds. Lift off, remove jumper, lift back on

    Depending on seat you may have two waygo plugs for the chinge board


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      Thanks for your reply.
      This is a curved lift that I have serviced for serveral years.
      I have been called because it wouldn’t work.
      I have tried programming the remotes as you suggested but it still doesn’t work.
      Its behaving as if the hinge interlock is active ie won’t work on the arm or remotes but works ok if I change the pcb in the back of the chair from chinge to chair pcb?


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        what happens if u turn hinge off in its control box ?


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          I’m not 100% sure but I think is still doesn’t work
          Should turning it off disable the hinge interlock?
          I will return in the next few days and give it a try
          any other suggestions?


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            turning off the hinge box will operate the interlock, the chinge board is looking for the signal sent from the hinge board without that it kills the lift as it thinks the hinge is open, as you say the lift works when set as a non pvh, sounds like your issue is with the hinge system try changing the hinge board, also depending on the age of your lift? check the frequency of the both boards and remotes are the same? and if you have to leave the lift running without the hinge system/interlock working please lock the hinge down!

            oh and I'm about to flood ebay with a shed load of stannah parts mainly remotes inc full 260 PVH set up's