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Battery Current draw when operating ?

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  • Battery Current draw when operating ?

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and a bit of background in under my 'activity' tab.

    I'm experimenting with two 12volt 7amp batteries from an older stairlift. Several videos on the internet indicated that when these (sealed lead acid) batteries age, the lead plates get corroded but can be rejuvenated. I've tried some techniques to rejuvenate these batteries and results appear quite good so far. Both batteries after recharging several times, while carefully keeping the distilled water above the lead plates during recharge, show 12.3 and 12.7 volts.

    The next test is to determine if the batteries will produce the current ( amperage) needed to drive the stairlift. I couldn't find this info on a internet search. I'm sure the amount of amps is dependent on the angle the stairlift rail and the weight of the person on the lift. But I'm wondering if anyone can give my a general idea of what amps the batteries have to produce while the lift is going up the rail. Going down the rail should be a lot less.

    My technical inquisitiveness causes me to do this. :-)

    I'd appreciate any comments.
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