Self-balancing Wheelchair Nino For Individual With Disabilities


Nino is the future of robot-aided mobility. It is a personal transporter designed to help individuals with disabilities with good trunk mobility to move anywhere they want, whether in the car or train.

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Choose Nino Self- Balance Wheelchair

  • Smartphone support
  • With smartphone charging options
  • With removable armrest 
  • Operational lever for quick-stand
  • Retractable handlebar
  • Retractable quick-stand
  • With adjustable and collapsible folder
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Capable of Ascending and Descending inclines of 20%
  • Avoids obstacles up to 15 cm
  • Accessibility to lifts
  • Can handle all types of terrain (Including off-road)
  • Turning radius of zero degrees

How To Use Nino Self- Balance Wheelchair

For optimal  driving experience, you can adjust Nino depending on your size and your comfortable position.

Getting into the position

Step 1: When shifting from your seat to Nino Self-Balance Wheelchair, you should take a seat while the transporter is switched off .

Step 2: Reposition the handlebar without forcing.

Step 3: Put the machine into a standby mode and if you see the status of the battery is displayed on the handlebar, it means you can already use it.

Step 4:  Push the start button using your finger to get Nino started. After that, you will feel that you are already balanced.

Posture and Movements

Step 1. With your hands on your knees, you can move your Nino forward to backward and braking by simply shifting your body weight.

Step 2: Slightly pushing the handlebar with your hands allows you to turn 360 degrees on the spot.

Important Tips When Getting Over an Obstacle

For Obstacle With Maximum 4 cm

Tip No. 1 : Approach the obstacle one wheel after the other 

For Obstacle With Maximum 10 cm

Tip No 2. : Approach the obstacle at a right angle at an appropriate speed with both wheels at the same time

Nino Self- Balance Wheelchair Colors Availability

Black and RedWhite and Green
Black and GreenWhite and Red
Black and BlueWhite and Wood
Black and WoodWhite and Blue

Nino Self- Balance Wheelchair Technical Details

Dimensions: 59 x 64 x 50 cm
Recline: 100°
Turning 360°on the spot
Speed: 6 or 9 km/h
Mounted obstacle: 4 cm
Seat width: 420 mm
Height: 230mm file
5 Volt: USB charging
Weight: 39 kg
Downhill obstacle: 15cm
Seat depth: 420 mm
Backrest width: 350mm
2750 W power
Max. user weight: 100 kg
Seat height: 380 to 420 mm
Setting Back height: 140-200 mm (15cm)
Autonomy: 20/38 km(Depending on battery)
Slope uphill capacity: 20%
3 hours Charging time
2 years warranty

If you want to travel with no hassle, then Nino is the right personal transportation for you!

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