7 Stairlift Problems That You Should Know

Having a stairlift can have a lot of advantage for elderly and disabled individuals who are unable to navigate stairs safely. Stairlift problems can be fixed, sometimes over the phone. These machines can fit to any home and are easy to use. Like any other machines, stairlifts can also develop mechanical problems over time. To help you know the common problems while using stairlift, read the information below:

Beeping Sound

If you suddenly hear that your stairlift starts to make a weird noise, for sure you will get worried. But if the noise is a beeping sound, you have to check your battery, there is a big possibility that it did not charge well.

Faulty Toggle Switch

Did your stairlift suddenly stop while using it? One of the reasons that can cause its stopping is a toggle switch contact fault. You need to check if it needs to be replaced or the contact should be re-soldered. 

Turn Off Key Switch

One of the common stairlift faults that happen every now and then is users tend to forget to turn the key switch on or someone from their household accidentally or playful turns it off. To confirm if this is the problem, find the key switch, which is usually on the stairlift carriage, under the seat.

Joystick is Not Working

You may be using your stairlift for a long period of time and then suddenly the next day you use it, it’s not working anymore. This will surely be inconvenient to you. Like any technical apparatus it can experience failure anytime. Calling a professional technician will help a lot.

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Always Lower The Armrests

When using your stairlift make sure your armrests are on the down position. When they’re left up, it will trigger the safety switch and when this happens, the switch will engage and if you try to activate it using the up and down buttons, it will disable the lift.

Faulty Remove Control

Almost all stairlifts come with a remote control. This allows you to send the chair from top to bottom without getting help from anyone. If your remote control stops working, check the batteries and if you just recently replaced them, check carefully if they are properly installed.

Check For Chair Obstruction

If you’re using the stairlift and it suddenly stops, the first thing you should check is if there any obstructions in the path or footrest. Most common obstructions you will see are toys and other household items. All you need to do is remove the obstruction to keep it from lifting

If you’re experiencing starlift problems, do not take it for granted. Find ways to solve it or call a reliable technician to help you.

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